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Karen Stubbs, founder of Birds on a Wire, knows motherhood. When Karen was a new mom, she had four children and a husband who traveled for weeks and months at a time. During those years, Karen learned invaluable lessons about parenting, community, and faith. More than 20 years later, she created Birds on a Wire to encourage and equip moms through their own journey of motherhood.

Karen has spoken to thousands of moms during the last six years. She talks with women on everything from practical parenting advice to deep matters of the heart. Karen is a personable and engaging speaker who makes moms feel like they aren’t alone. If you’d like to encourage and equip moms in your community or church, schedule Karen Stubbs for your next event.

Soar Conference   |    October 27 – 28, 2017

Imagine pressing pause and spending a weekend being refueled and recharged alongside other moms! The Soar Conference is an event bringing together 700+ moms for a weekend of fun, fellowship and knowing that they aren’t alone in the journey of motherhood.

Because of people like you, we can have an even greater impact!