Join a Birds on a Wire Moms Group

Sometimes, motherhood gets lonely. We love our husbands and children, but they don’t quite understand the challenges we face as moms. Since the majority of our time is spent serving our family, we don’t have many chances to invest in the friendships that used to support us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Founder Karen Stubbs felt the same, which motivated her to invite moms into her home each week. Laughing together, crying together, and being able to share relatable personal experiences recharged these moms. Inspired by how encouraged she felt, Karen created Bible studies for moms everywhere to use and to host their own groups.

Are you looking for a supportive community of moms just like you?

Would you like to join or host your own group?

Here are two ways you can get involved

In Your Church

Take the Bible study to your church! Ask them to host a group and use the Bible study in your Sunday school class or in your small groups.

In Your Home

Open your home to your friends and play a DVD. It’s that easy! Our Bible study makes it simple for you to become a host and facilitate discussion questions at the end of each session.

Because of people like you, we can have an even greater impact!